TK Investments Ltd serves the needs of both private and institutional clients via a broad spectrum of wealth management services. These range from execution-only trading to discretionary asset management strategies that assist clients in achieving their financial objectives. TK Investments Ltd provides in-house custody as well as being able to offer their strategies on a segregated account basis at third party custodians of the client's choice.

Discretionary Asset Management

TK Investments Ltd offer comprehensive solutions on a discretionary basis for a range of risk profiles.

  • Single asset classes: Fixed Income and Equities
  • Blended multi-asset portfolios for Conservative, Balanced and Aggressive risk profiles.

We take the time to quantify your capacity and willingness to bear volatility, thus providing the most appropriate Kebler that is best suited to your circumstances.

  • We explain how your portfolio is likely to perform to ensure you are comfortable with your potential investment journey over the intended time horizon.
  • We aim to set realistic expectations which we can deliver as to create the foundation for a long-term relationship.
  • We can work with our clients’ existing banks/custodians or can facilitate new relationships where required.

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Alternative Absolute Return Solutions

Introducing the TK Investments Ltd Absolute Return Index Trading Strategy. The focus of this strategy is to target absolute returns through trading index options with a hedged risk strategy. Additionally, TK Investments Ltd has been appointed investment adviser over a number of portfolios and funds of similar strategy. For further information on these services and funds, please contact Mayan or Finbar Forde: